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Published Tuesday 4 May 2021

Birgit Mitchell, Midwife

There are many examples of excellence that spring to mind with Birgit, but one in particular led to this nomination.

On an extraordinary day in Maternity fraught with staff illness, an emergency transfer requiring dedicated and significant care, and a full house, Birgit should have finished work at 3pm and picked up her child from day care as planned.

Unable to leave the ward under pressure, Birgit swiftly collected her son (an hour late) and returned with him in tow. Birgit's patoient's whānau observed her outstanding commitment and immediately stepped in to care for her toddler while Birgit completed her work.

Finally at about 6pm Birgit left, having managed to stay calm and focused throughout. What Birgit offered that day was continuity of care – the patient’s whānau trusted and respected her and, in turn, they became part of the solution.

This story of excellence is only one example of many – Birgit is a true asset to the maternity team. Congratulations Birgit on your award. It is entirely appropriate!

The Staff Recognition Awards are randomly drawn and this months nominees also included:

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