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Published Tuesday 4 May 2021

Joanne is the backbone of the Planning and Performance team, with a wealth of experience in many professional roles. For a number of years now, Joanne has been the stalwart of holder of a depth of institutional knowledge, and the whole team relies upon her every day.


Joanne's nominator says, "by being a constantly available, patient and such a reliable source of information, Joanne supports the rest of us to do a better job, planning and engaging funding for the services that other DHB departments and local NGO/PHO providers need in order to meet the requirements of the community."

Joanne is known for her consistent work ethic - for being at work early and often leaving late, for her diplomatic and caring attitude, and for continuing to ensure expectations are met and goals achieved.

Joanne is also known for her challenging feedback, always with the clear intent for a better outcome.

The staff recognition awards are randomly drawn, and this months nominations also included:

Rose Byl

Bronwyn Hallot