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Published Friday 7 May 2021

Sharon is an Enrolled Nurse in our Rehabilitation Unit who was nominated for this award by a colleague for the care and support she provided to a patient who was being given a terminal diagnosis.

Sharon quickly established a rapport with the patient, and was a compassionate and supporting presence as this patient received their life-changing news. While Sharon, in typically humble fashion, was quick to point out that she was "just doing her day job," her colleagues would disagree.

During a busy shift, Sharon prioritised the needs of her patient in order to provide the compassion and support that they needed.

It might seem that Sharon was just doing what any good nurse would do, but her colleagues will tell you that she had little time to prepare, and that her act of heart-centred care was authentic and skilled. She showed this person that people can and do care about them, and that their health care experience can be very positive.

Nominator, Amanda Homewood, says: "Sharon is a very pragmatic nurse, and tends to hide her light under a bushel. She deserves to let her light shine bright for this example of the art of nursing - more so as it was witnessed and reported by a non-nursing colleague."

Congratulations on receiving this award Sharon - it is thoroughly deserved!

The Wairarapa DHB staff recognition awards recognise exceptional behaviour, initiative or service that goes "above and beyond" what is expected of Wairarapa DHB staff and models our organisational values.

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