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Published Wednesday 21 Jul 2021

"Jess takes such pride in what she does and she really cares about people. She is an asset to our service, and we love having her around."


Congratulations to Jess McLeod, a cleaner at Wairarapa Hospital. Her outstanding contribution to the organisation makes her an excellent choice for this month's staff recognition award.

The staff recognition awards are open to nominations of DHB and contracted staff. Jess works with OCS, the service responsible for cleaning and security at the hospital. This is what her nominator had to say about Jess:

"The other day a St John’s shuttle staff member helped walk in a patient who is partially blind. He needed to get to his Outpatient appointment. I was about to leave reception to walk him around but Jess saw that things were very busy and offered to take him. She took his arm and very sweetly, chatting respectfully to him, and walking at a speed that worked for him she delivered him to where he needed to be. She then came back and continued her vacuuming."

This sort of social awareness and professional conduct is outside of Jess's working brief, and says so much about the person that she is. As a result of Jess's great work and attitude, she was shoulder tapped to work in the Covid Vaccination centre. 

Congratulations Jess - you ought to be so proud of the excellent work you do - truly 'above and beyond.'

The staff recognition awards are randomly drawn, and this months nominations also included:

Maryann Cowgill

Deborah Watson

Adrienne Walzack

Sarah Wilson