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Published Thursday 30 Sep 2021

Luke is a well deserved winner of this award after being nominated on a number of occasions in the past.


Luke is a member of Wairarapa DHB’s ICT team and has come to the aid of many of staff with IT issues in his time.

His nominator described Luke as being “untiring in his help and support of staff throughout Wairarapa DHB, especially in regards to any ICT issues they have”.

In true Luke form, he has requested that instead of receiving a voucher, his $150 award is donated to the Masterton Food Bank.

“Given what is going on at the moment, I’m sure there are people who are in much greater need. Not to say that I am not extremely grateful, and humbled.”

Congratulations Luke – you really make a difference in everything you do, every day!

Other nominees this month included:

Brenda Elmers

Harriet Short

Deborah Watson