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Published Friday 15 Oct 2021

RN Janette Sigvertson has been nominated for her role in keeping our hospital’s endoscopy program working to such high quality standards.


Working in a constantly changing environment, Jeanette has kept our performance numbers at the very top level, providing our patients with a with a high quality service equal to the best in the nation.

It is a daily challenge, requiring her extra attention and dedication at all times, and Jeanette gives it her all. 

Jeanette's nomination for this award acknowledges the high regard we have for her, and for the work she does every day. Our appreciation may not always be evident, but it is deep and much deserved. 

A random winner selection - right on the button! Congratulations on the win, Jeanette and thanks for all that you do. We see you!

Other nominations this month include:

Leeann Campbell

Clare Matthews