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Published Saturday 9 May 2020

The winner of the February Lee Malneek Contractors Staff Recognition awards is a little shy and didn’t want to be publicly recognised.

But what we can say is the staff member "has the most amazing way with each person. She is kind and compassionate, but also funny and helps them have a laugh in the midst of their circumstances. She is also super-efficient and just handles everything for them and you can see the relief on their faces to know someone has it under control."

The other staff nominated in February were;

  • Jason Blatchford

Jason was nominated for his great work ethic, he was easy to get hold of when needed and is sensible in his problem solving.

  • Lizzie Snowsill

Lizzie was nominated because she always has time to listen to you, will always extend her hand out and nothing ever seems a problem.She has a heart of gold and really makes you feel comfortable and is always approachable.

  • Maureen Clough-South

Maureen was nominated as she is smiley, gentle, calm and always pleasant in her interactions with people, patients feedback has always been positive.