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Published Thursday 11 Jun 2020

Debbie Beech May 2020 Winner of the Lee Malneek Contractors Recognition Awards

Debbie Beech is the winner of the May Staff Recognition Awards. She normally likes to shy away from the spotlight (she was hoping that someone else would win!)  Debbie modestly says that she was just doing her job. However her colleagues felt differently and were all delighted that she won!

Debbie was nominated because she went above and beyond during the lockdown to ensure her team were fed and watered daily, spending her weekends baking (love her sausage rolls!). She offered to come in after hours and weekends to support us, and often stayed late and started early depending on what was required.

Olivia Bailey-Rotman

Olivia was nominated because she goes above and beyond for the district nurses, and supported the team the whole time through COVID-19 lockdown. She always checks on the team daily to make sure we are doing alright and had everything we needed.Olivia doesn’t hesitate to put on a pair of scrubs if the list is extensive and will come out and help us if it is needed.

Bronwyn Hallot

Bronwyn was nominated because while she has been at the front reception desk of the hospital throughout COVID-19 lockdown she has also had to include a new role into her job and contact trace all people entering the hospital – not all have been pleasant to deal with and she deals with the public beautifully.

Dianne Mazey

Di was nominated for her excellence in collegial support, management and her dedication to the Quality department. Her focus on the organisations values results in a deep respect from her colleagues for her integrity, approachability and positive “can-do” attitude. She always gets the job done right first time.

Susan Shute

Susan was nominated because she works very hard and does her absolute best for our patients in the Wairarapa. She also listens and takes on board what she hears, and adapts her working practices in order to achieve maximum patient safety and comfort.

Mel Sime

Mel was nominated as the lead admin person for the FOCUS office, She led the way through lockdown even with her own young family at home. Mel had everything in place so that the whole office was able to work online at home in record time. Mel always goes above and beyond and makes all our jobs so much easier to manage.

Sue Copps

Sue was nominated as she continually shows leadership and provides support to all the Out-Patients team. Sue advocates for her colleagues and patients who attend Out-Patients clinics. With the ongoing COVID catch up and rescheduling and booking process, she has been consistently pushed.

The following two people wished to remain anonymous and asked to be withdrawn. We appreciate the work that they do. 

  • This person was nominated because she is a champion of change and fully integrated the organisational values in all aspects in respect of patient and visitor challenges during COVID-19.
  • This person was nominated because of the time and care she took with her team was amazing when everybody was scared and didn’t know what was coming. She kept us all calm and working together.