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Published Friday 28 Aug 2020

Kathryn Wadsworth July 2020 Winner of the Lee Malneek Contractors Recognition Awards

Kathryn Wadsworth is the winner of the July Staff Recognition Awards. She was very flattered to win and a little surprised as there were lots of nominees in July.

The reasons Kathryn’s nominator messaged us was because they felt she was an amazing team leader during the pandemic response. During that difficult time she spent as long as was needed making sure her team were informed of what was needed and when – this sometimes meant repeating the same information 3-4 times a day. She always reiterated that if we were concerned we could call on her anytime and that we would be supported with our clinical decisions.

The other members of staff to be nominated were;

Andrew Stewart

Andrew was nominated because he is always happy no matter what pressure stores under. He loves his job and it shows.

John van Wijk

John is truly capable and professional in his work. He has done an amazing job at helping to transform the meeting space at Taku Wahi. We truly appreciate his efforts. But special recognition needs to be made about his perseverance to provide the best job.

Fay Tomlin

Fay is Calm and hard working – as the ED gets busy she just works harder – doing an amazing amount of work at a National Level of NPs and due to her hard work Wairarapa won the bid to hold the NPNZ conference here next year. She has a gorgeous manner with her patients and all the team love working with her.

Julie Foley

Julie is our exceptional Lactation Consultant who is based in the Maternity Ward but goes wherever she is needed (other wards- including into the community and to women’s homes on occasion) to promote, protect and support breastfeeding in the Wairarapa region,

Margie Van der Lans

Margie has worked above and beyond to bring down wait lists in her department.

Maryann Cowgill

Maryann is an absolute treasure and an asset to our DHB. She is tucked away in our small library but does so much to support, encourage and advocate for those of us completing post graduate study.Not many people may know this, as Maryann just gets on and gets things done, quietly and super efficiently. Maryann is very deserving of this nomination and without her continued support, expertise and passion for helping others achieve, I wouldn’t have been able to get this far along with my post graduate studies.

Olivia Bailey-Rotman

Olivia works tirelessly in her role as Manager to ensure her varied portfolio of staff each feel valued and part of a team

Trudy Lamb

Trudy is one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I’ve ever known.She genuinely cares for the wellbeing of all of her patients and all of her staff.She makes people feel valued and special, and feel that whatever is happening with them is important and matters.She goes the extra mile because she can, and because she’s such a caring person.

Jenny Percival

Jenny consistently works extremely hard to provide high-quality formal and informal clinical education to not only staff in her designated area of Acute Services, but also staff across other departments.She is constantly looking for ways to improve what we do, ultimately to improve patient outcomes and also staff workplace satisfaction.