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This page contains all the documents and information needed for a Proficient RN or EN portfolio.


Please click on the links below to download the documents.

Proficient RN

Proficient EN

Proficient RN - One-Stop-Shop - Wairarapa DHBProficient EN - One-Stop-Shop - Wairarapa DHB
Proficient RN - One-Stop-Shop CommunityProficient EN - One-Stop-Shop Community
Proficient RN - Portfolio RequirementsProficient EN - Portfolio Requirements
Proficient RN - Self & Competence Assessment (community only)Proficient EN - Self & Competence Assessment (community only
Proficient RN - Portfolio Assessment ToolProficient EN - Portfolio Assessment Tool

Please note:

  • Nurses working for community organisations should use the community documents where specified.
  • Nurses working for Wairarapa DHB should use the Wairarapa documents where specified.