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“Ko te whānau mō ake tonu, tiakina to hauora mō te oranga o to whānau.”

Family is forever, look after your health for the health of your family.

Jack Te Hau-Nepe

We are now vaccinating Group 3

Update here

For all our local Covid-19 information, go to our dedicated vaccination website www.VaccinateGreaterWellington.nz

For information for health professionals, please click here.For Alert Level information CLICK HERE

Vaccination rollout

Our national vaccine rollout plan sets out the order in which the COVID-19 vaccine will be administered across the country. The plan focuses first on protecting those most at risk from being exposed to COVID-19, reducing the risk of future community cases and lockdowns, and then protecting those most at risk of getting seriously ill if they get the virus. New Zealand will vaccinate in four stages:

1. Border and MIQ workers and households - completed

2. Frontline workers and people living in high-risk settings - continuing

3. Priority populations - starting now

4. General population - starting in July

An online tool to help people understand where they fit into the rollout is available HERE

For more about the Covid19 vaccination sequencing update, CLICK HERE

It is important to remember that any communications about Covid-19 and the vaccine will come only from the Ministry of Health or other trusted sources.

Misinformation, scams and frauds exploiting COVID-19 may arrive in the form of an email, text, phone call or through social media. Trust your source!