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Published Thursday 31 Aug 2017

WrDHB focuses on improving equity of health outcomes within the Wairarapa region. This week, an information training session was hosted at the DHB for representatives from Primary and Aged Care health providers. They got to hear first-hand from a Lippincott expert via webinar how easy it is to navigate the database in order to access evidence based clinical procedures.

The session was well received, with participants excited about this new resource.

WrDHB has recently made available 'Lippincott Procedures NZ' to local primary care, community health and aged care clinicians. Now, no matter where they work, all clinicians in the Wairarapa have the same access to 'Lippincott Procedures NZ' for the latest evidence at point-of-care from a source they can trust.

Partnership and collaboration between 13 DHBs for developing the New Zealand Instance of Lippincott Procedures recognises that having an up-to-date, centralised, online distribution of procedures can improve clinical practice and patient care, as well as contribute to the professional development and retention of a highly skilled clinical workforce.

By providing all clinicians in the Wairarapa Region, no matter where they work, the same access to 'Lippincott Procedures NZ' we will directly influence outcome for optimum patient safety throughout the Wairarapa region.