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Published Wednesday 19 Dec 2018

Carole Wheeler launches our first Spinning Babies Parent class Wairarapa Hospital.

The first Spinning Babies class was held last weekend. This was the first EVER "Spinning Babies Parent Class" in New Zealand!

Spinning Babies Parent Class shows a woman what to do to balance her pelvis and uterus for more comfort in pregnancy. The belly mapping teaches them to monitor and understand their baby's movements and interpret the position of their baby from what they feel.

With practical and detailed preparation, women and their partners learn techniques to make room in the uterus and help their baby to get into the best position to fit the pelvis for easier birth.

The techniques may also offer solutions when labour seems long, painful, or has stalled.

People can enrol for one 3 hour class ideally participating during mid pregnancy (at 25 - 35 weeks). For more information, ask your LMC Midwife or contact carole.wheeler@hotmail.com Ph 027-945 2295.


Carole went to Birmingham to undertake the SpBPCE training and is now a Spinning Babies Parent Class Educator (Provisional). In fact, she is the only one in New Zealand! (There are only 2 in Australia).

Spinning Babies Parent Classes are usually a private business, where couples pay the educator, but once again WrDHB is leading the way in antenatal education. As with the HypnoBirthing Carole teaches, the Spinning Baby classes are Free of charge. Carole is delivering the classes as an extension of her midwifery role.

Classes will start again in January.