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Published Tuesday 11 Jun 2019

A new website "Vaping Facts" is now live so New Zealanders can have a credible source of information about vaping. 

Vaping has the potential to contribute to the achievement of the Smokefree 2025 goal and Vaping Facts will give people a centralised source of good facts to help them quit.

The site includes:

  • facts about vaping
  • A series of videos featuring healthcare professionals and young women who have used wairehu to quit smoking
  • A quiz
  • A cost calculator

Vaping is not for children or non-smokers. It is not harmless but it is much less harmful than smoking. It is also much cheaper and Vaping Facts includes information which demonstrates the costs and relative harm when vaping is compared to smoking. 

The Ministry of Health has worked with the Health Promotion Agency (HPA) to design the website for people who are looking to quit smoking and those who support them, anyone interested in vaping as a way to quit smoking and people looking for New Zealand-specific information about vaping.

Review the site now by visiting https://vapingfacts.health.nz/