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Published Friday 6 Sep 2019

​In the interests of the greater good, overriding any sense of dignity or decorum, the management team zoo escaped into the hospital today.

Led onto the field by the All Black ALN and her Panda mate, a bunch of random wildlings and a Ninja Turtle stormed the wards and rattled $134.20 out of unsuspecting purses to donate to Wellington Free Ambulance.

Young Meila was happy to see us and enjoyed her Panda Hug. Poor thing has bounced around a few hospitals for a week so we were pleased to put a smile on her face. Not so sure about the Shark scaring the fishes.

Thanks team, for getting into the spirit of things and supporting a great cause! Special thanks to the IT crew for their VERY generous contribution to the collecting can.

Love your work, Wellington Free Ambulance. Thank you, from Wairarapa District Health Board