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Published Monday 11 Nov 2019

Have you got crutches at home you've forgotten about?
They can be returned, no questions asked, to Wairarapa Hospital main reception, or to your local medical centre.

We are down to our last few pairs of crutches in ED and we know there are dozens of pairs that are probably no longer needed out there in the community.

We are currently seeing lots of injuries through the department - fractured ankles in particular. Providing our patients with crutches to go home with is key to their successful recovery and rehabilitation, and we really appreciate people returning their crutches promptly when they have finished with them, because there is always a demand.

People often say we should charge a bond so that patients have a better chance of returning them, but we know that the extra cost can be hard on patients. We'd rather not charge, so we can make sure everyone gets the best chance of a good, well supported recovery.

Any other hospital equipment, such as splints, bathroom equipment and walking frames, can also be returned.