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Published Monday 1 Feb 2021

"Any request is always met with a smile. I couldn’t do my job without Kylie's support."

Kylie is always in the background sorting things, arranging things, fixing things and she never gets grumpy.
Great work Kylie - we will miss you on your maternity leave! Enjoy your voucher.


Other nominees included:

Kate Ridell
As Discharge RN on the MSW team, Kate manages safe patient jourbeys and assists with maintaining good patient flow. She plays numerous keys roles and does them all professionally and with great humour. Kate is understanding, efficient, well liked and effective. She takes everything in her stride and is extremely reliable. Kate is an excellent example of our organisational values. 

Sam Lee & Judy Dew

Our night telephonists are the first people who the patients/public see when entering ED. They can sometimes be subjected to bad behaviour and they always maintain their dignity in a calm professional manner while diffusing situations. They are always the smiling face at the front door, even when the shift is hard. They are always quick to action if a person presents to the front desk who seems particularly unwell. Their work is seen and appreciated by all the ED staff.

Stephen Downie-Fribbens
Stephen is always going above and beyond in his role as a DNM. Stephen is noted by many staff in all areas of the DHB as being very approachable, supportive and transparent. Feedback from staff indicates Stephen is always happy to listen, is efficient with the use of DHB resources, is very trustworthy and always has not only patient but staff safety at the forefront of his actions. Stephen is a happy bubbly presence in the wards which is vital to help keep the calm when we are incredibly busy!

Kadeen Williams
EA to the CE, Kadeen consistently goes above and beyond normal call of duty. Her work is at times challenging, always deadline-bound, and rarely does she have the luxury of time on her side. Kadeen continues to work cheerfully, bringing a smile to her work every day. She is an excellent influence on the people around her and is missed on the rare day she is out of the office.