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Published Friday 12 Nov 2021

We need to keep doing all the things we know to do to keep safe, Wairarapa!

You may have heard today that there are two people in Wairarapa who have been identified as close contacts of the positive Taranaki Covid cases.

We have been advised by Regional Public Health that these two people are being managed appropriately in the community, and they have been tested.

Please continue to take all usual care - doing all the things we know we need to do. Handwashing, mask wearing, social distancing and using the Tracer App remain important, and vaccination and testing are our top priority.

This weekend, as always, testing is available at Wairarapa After Hours and details about that, as well as vaccination locations and opening hours are all on our website HERE: http://www.wairarapa.dhb.org.nz/news-and.../covid-19/