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Published Monday 15 Nov 2021

A COVID-19 case has been confirmed in Wairarapa today.

Wairarapa people should check the locations of interest on the Ministry of Health’s website and anyone there at the times referenced, or feeling unwell, should get a free Covid test.


The Locations of interest are HERE 

Anyone with symptoms, no matter how mild and even if they are vaccinated, should get a free Covid test.

Testing is available at medical practices SEE HERE  

Please get vaccinated, and encourage others to do the same

Vaccination is the best way to keep safe from the virus.

Everyone getting their first dose, gets a $100 Prezzy Card!

All your vaccination information is HERE 

Keep track of where you have been

Now more than ever we need to remember to use the Tracer App, and if you receive a call from an unknown number, please answer it as it could be from our contact tracing team. 

Keep doing what you need to do to keep safe, Wairarapa. If in doubt, call Healthline 0800 358 5453