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Published Wednesday 17 Nov 2021

When it comes to sharing Covid case information, identifying details about individuals are not released.
This includes any organisations they might be part of.


People that are Covid positive deserve their privacy. They must be supported and respected, and any breaches of privacy are taken seriously.

Whether you are publishing on mainstream media, or sharing information on social media, no reference should ever be made to specific people or groups.

So who has a right to know things, and at what level?

When a positive result is returned, our health response team contacts any person that may have been in the same place at the same time as the positive case when they were infectious. This is so they can be supported to test and isolate, and protect themselves and the people around them, until we know they do not have the virus.

Sometimes the list of where the Covid positive person has been includes private functions. When private gatherings are identified as possible exposure sites, usually the host of that gathering knows exactly who the people are that were there, and so those people can all be contacted directly. Because private functions are not open to public, that location will not be shared as a location of interest on the national website.

If a function is not open to the public, no one other than the people that were there will be involved, so there is no need for such a location or event to be published as a location of interest. Not including a private gathering as a Location of Interest when we are confident we can connect with everyone involved directly, does not put anyone else at risk.

Where a Covid positive case has visited a public location where it is not possible to know everyone who may have been there at the same time, that site will be added to the Locations of Interest on the Ministry of Health website.

People in Wairarapa are advised to check the Ministry’s website for any locations of interest and if they have symptoms, even if they are mild and they are vaccinated, please get a free COVID-19 test at your nearest medical practice.

  • Wear your mask
  • Keep 2m distance from people you don’t know
  • Track your movements, sign in with QR code or register wherever you go
  • Wash your hands well and often
  • Stay home if you are ill, and phone Healthline or your medical centre to get a free Covid-19 test
  • Get vaccinated – two doses are our best protection

Please remember to protect people’s privacy as you would have yours protected.