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Wairarapa District Health Board, like other agencies across the state sector, publishes responses to Official Information Act requests, and supports the open disclosure of information to assist the public’s understanding of how we are delivering publicly-funded healthcare. This includes the proactive publication of anonymised Official Information Act responses on our website after requestors have received their response from us and only where there is no risk to the privacy of individuals.

When we write to requestors we explain whether we intend to make the information publicly available. Requestors names and addresses are removed before publication. If any other information has been has redacted, it is to protect the privacy of the requestor.

The Wairarapa DHB publishing OIA Response Guideline is available here. It outlines how we will action the availability of official information through the publishing of OIA responses online.  

Please note that the three DHBs (Wairarapa, Capital and Coast and Hutt Valley) Mental Health, Addictions and Intellectual Disability Service (MHAIDS) OIAs are not included below. Before making a request under the Official Information Act, check to see whether the information you are interested in is already publicly available on the MHAIDS website.


  • 2019-08 August

  • 2019-07 July

    • Termination of pregnancy 361 KB

      The total funding provided for the provision of termination of pregnancy services in WrDHB.

    • PHO funding and contract requirements 1.12 MB

      How many primary health providers have had their back to back contract terminated by a PHO for failure to achieve Foundation standards.

    • People assessed for signs of sexual abuse. 2.08 MB

      The number of children (0-13 years old) and adults assessed for physical signs of being sexually abused in WrDHB.

    • Oral Health 1.82 MB

      Oral Health for Children - various questions and data requests. If you would like the attachments please email OIArequest@wairarapa.dhb.org.nz to request them.

    • National bowel screening programme 438 KB

      The demand on the national bowel screening programme.

    • Inspections of brothels or home based sex work 481 KB

      Could you provide the statistics of how many inspections have been carried out of (a) establishments and (b) homes in respect of sections 24 to 29 of the Prostitution Reform Act from 2003 until 2019, by year.

    • Endocrine Services 394 KB

      How many transgender individuals were referred to endocrine services

    • Electronic Health Records 435 KB

      Has WrDHB and GP's implemented an electronic health record.

    • Diversity 3.43 MB

      Information on diversity in the workplace at WrDHB

    • DHB Priority spending 1.45 MB

      What were the DHB's top 10 priorities for spending in the 2019/20 financial year? www.wairarapa.dhb.org.nz/news-and-publications/reports-and-publications/annual-plan/

    • Clincal Priority Assessment Criteria 1.35 MB

      The Clinical Priority Assessment Criteria threshold level (in order to be eligible for publicly funded electives) at the Wairarapa DHB.

    • Cancer Treatment wait times 497 KB

      How many people have been harmed as a result of oncology or radiation wait times.

  • 2019-06 June

  • 2019-05 May

    • School Dental Data 2 MB

      Requesting school dental data for the Wairarapa for research into tooth decay.

    • 'Nga Hau E Wha' 412 KB

      I request all information regarding contracts, provision of services and all other matters, made to the Ministry of Health or any of its subsidiaries including District Health Boards, to an organisation known as 'Nga Hau E Wha',

    • Mesh Systems 2.04 MB

      How many surgical mesh procedures have been undertaken using the Trans Obturator System mesh tape

    • Maternity ward staffing 2.32 MB

      Hours worked by senior doctors/consultants in your maternity wards.

    • Intersex Children 398 KB

      How many intersex children have had genital surgery within their first year of life between 2000 and 2018

    • Gender- affirming healthcare services 92 KB

      how many transgender people received gender-affirming healthcare services, within the 2018 calendar year?

    • Gender- affirming healthcare services 98 KB

      Are gender-affirming healthcare services are funded by the Wairarapa District Health Board for transgender patients?

    • Cost of strike actions 1.92 MB

      Any remuneration, including but not limited to incentives, of RMOs, Senior Medical Officers and any other employee for work carried out as a result of the strike actions.

    • Assaults on nurses 296 KB

      The total number of assaults against nurses by members of the public from 2013-2018.

  • 2019-04 April

  • 2019-03 March

    • Waiting times in ED 1.29 MB

      Admissions and waiting times at WrDHB emergency department for 2018

    • Waitangi Tribunal Research Report 6.55 MB

      Policy and services for disable Māori.

    • Wait times relating to cancer 515 KB

      The average wait time for patients referred to the DHB with a high suspicion of cancer (all tumour streams) to receive a first specialist assessment, including the shortest and longest individual wait time, month by month for the last 12 months.

    • Violent incidents in hospitals 1.28 MB

      Statistics or data about the number and nature of violent incidents in hospitals within Wairarapa DHB within the last five years.

    • The number of procedures involving surgical mesh. 511 KB

      A breakdown showing what these procedures were for.

    • Rural Hospital Network 521 KB

      For each of the past three years ending June 2016, June 2017 and June 2018 what was the DHBs Rural Adjuster funding component of the PBFF funding pool?

    • Prescribed anti-depressants. 660 KB

      Information totaling the number of patients prescribed anti-depressants in 2018.

    • Home and Community Support Contracts 627 KB

      The current contract holders for each of the current DHB Home and Community Support Contracts.

    • DHB staff being assaulted 905 KB

      Data/numbers/figures of all incidents involving any DHB staffer being harassed, assaulted, hurt, injured, threatened, maimed or implicated in an altercation with any patient.

    • Cost of meals 596 KB

      The cost to each health board to feed each patient per day.

    • Climate change 425 KB

      copies of reports or policies that mention climate change

    • Admissions to ED 368 KB

      Information on admissions to Wairarapa DHB’s emergency department for the calendar year of 2018.

  • 2019-02 February

    • Weight loss surgery procedures 374 KB

      How many people received bariatric surgery (gastric banding, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgery) through the DHB.

    • Rest Home Audits 423 KB

      Details of any issues-based audits or investigations into rest homes, dementia units or retirement villages in your DHB area carried out, commissioned or provided to the DHB for the past four years (2015-2018).

    • Number of beds at Wairarapa DHB 791 KB

      The number of beds and employees at WrDHB

    • Number of assaults on health staff 1.29 MB

      The overall number of recorded assaults on health service staff over the last three years to enable a year by year comparison