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Wairarapa District Health Board, like other agencies across the state sector, publishes responses to Official Information Act requests, and supports the open disclosure of information to assist the public’s understanding of how we are delivering publicly-funded healthcare. This includes the proactive publication of anonymised Official Information Act responses on our website after requestors have received their response from us and only where there is no risk to the privacy of individuals.

When we write to requestors we explain whether we intend to make the information publicly available. Requestors names and addresses are removed before publication. If any other information has been has redacted, it is to protect the privacy of the requestor.

Before making a request under the Official Information Act, check to see whether the information you are interested in is already publicly available.


  • 2018-10 October

    • Employment procedures 1.6 MB

      copy of your employment proceedures, especially short listing of applicants and proceedures re advising who the successful applicant is.

    • Complaints made against DHB staff over past three years. 825 KB

      All incoming and outgoing information – including emails, memos, texts, call transcripts, audio, video, reports, letters – relating to complaints made against District Health Board staff across the country over the past three years.

    • Maori Providers - criteria and list of providers 537 KB

      What criteria is used by the MoH and District Health Boards (DHBs) to determine if an organisation meets criteria to be considered (and funded as) a Māori provider?

    • Schedule H pharmaceutical expenditure 2015/2016 and 2017/2018 357 KB

      Can you please provide information on Schedule H budget spent on pharmaceuticals as a dollar ($) value for each of the 2015/16 and 2017/18 financial years

    • Surgery Cancellations 868 KB

      Does the Ministry of Health or another agency controlled by the Ministry, collect data on public hospital surgery cancellation rates in the year ended 30 June 2018

    • Surgical Mesh for SUI 429 KB

      How many urogynaecological mesh procedures were undertaken at your DHB in the past year or the most recent full year data is available?

    • Zero Suicide aspirational policy 2.4 MB

      The implementation by the board of a zero suicide aspirational policy or goal.

  • 2018-09 September

  • 2018-08 August

  • 2018-07 July

    • Changes to rural funding for general practices 472 KB

      Details relating to changes to rural funding for general practices that came into effect on 1 July 2014.

    • Advertising Images 546 KB

      Copies of the advertising images that appeared on the patient information screens in the Emergency Department

    • DHB documents / information left by mistake in public place 834 KB

      A list of incidents since January 1 2016 that your organisation is aware of and in which documents, reports or other materials have been mistakenly left unaccompanied in public (such as a staff member leaving a folder of material in a café or taxi).

    • Hospital Occupancy rates 538 KB

      Current occupancy rates, as well as rates from January this year and June 2017?

    • MethCon 363 KB

      Has the District Health Board (including Public Health Units etc.) contracted MethCon to do any work in the past two years?

    • MRT Staffing levels 1.33 MB

      Data about MRT Staffing levels. The budgeted and current FTE figures for the financial year ended 30 June 2018.

    • Number of sexual harassment complaints 546 KB

      Number of internal sexual harassment complaints the DHB has received in the last 5 years?

    • Numbers of Eye surgeons 320 KB

      Eye surgeons are on call during the Holiday Season in Dec-Jan

    • Sexual Assault 414 KB

      Medical Practitioners who have been charged with sexual assault offences.

    • Wait times 1.34 MB

      ​What is the average waiting time, as well as longest and shortest individual wait times, for an initial appointment with the following specialists – oncologists, neurologists, cardiologists and gynecologists –over the last six months.

  • 2018-06 June

    • Pharmacy Contract Costs 581 KB

      A break down on how much money each DHB spent on rolling out the consultation period with the pharmacy sector for the Integrated Pharmacist Services in the Community Agreement this year.

    • Assaults on Hospital Staff by patients 801 KB

      ​I would like to obtain the number of assaults of hospital staff by patients reported to the DHB over the last five years. If this could please be broken down into number of cases each year for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

    • Bariatric surgeries 348 KB

      The number of surgeries performed within your DHB area, what type of surgery they were and if they were publicly or privately funded.

    • DHB Deficit 608 KB

      A request each DHBs deficit and where is money being allocated?

    • DHB Gender-affirming healthcare services 795 KB

      About the gender-affirming healthcare services provided by the Wairarapa District Health Board.

    • Hospitals turning women in labour away due to a lack of staff and beds 615 KB

      Record of how many women in labour have been turned away from the maternity ward month on month, for the last five years.

    • non-resident births 697 KB

      How many women gave hospital that were non-residents. Were any of them billed and what was the total?

    • Number of incidents of abuse to staff from patient in ED last 10 years 793 KB

      Can I please have the numbers of incident reports related to abuse of staff from patients in the Emergency Department (including physical assault, verbal abuse, threats and aggressive behaviours) from each of the last 10 years - so to 2007. Or each of the last 10 years that have been reported.

    • Surgical vacancies 387 KB

      How many Surgical and Surgical Sub specialties Registrar training positions are vacant on 11 June 2018?

    • Weathertightness report 292 KB

      A copy of the weathertightness report from Wairarapa DHB to the finance, risk and audit committee of the MoH, in April.

  • 2018-05 May

    • Sexual assault complaints 756 KB

      The number of sexual assault complaints made by DHB staff against other DHB staff members, broken down by gender, hospital, month and calendar year every year for the last five years (2013 - 2017).