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Formed in 1995, The Wairarapa Community Health Trust undertakes charitable and beneficial activities to improve health in the Wairarapa, including fundraising for equipment, research, gifts and other such items for patients and/or services in the Wairarapa area.

The Trust's objective is to ensure that Wairarapa residents have essential health related items available for their community.

The Wairarapa Community Health Trust has since its formation in 1995 used the funding from the sale of gifted WEPB shares and bequests to:

  • Finance six ambulances for Wairarapa residents
  • Erect a building to house the first CT scanner
  • Provide funding for neccessary equipment for Wairarapa Hospital and specialists
  • Assist with funding for the Health Bus
  • Provide funding for an equipment storage building at the Wairarapa Hospital

The making of a bequest or gift to the Trust would help to continue to support the Wairarapa in regards to health. To find out how to make a bequest or gift contact:

The Trustees
Wairarapa Community Health Trust
PO Box 125
Masterton 5840

For more information on the Trust and its activities, contact:

Garry Daniell