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What is Focus?

FOCUS is a needs assessment service coordination (NASC) agency for people with living with disabilities and their carers in the Wairarapa.

FOCUS is part of Wairarapa DHB and coordinates support avenues for many people with disabilities including funding some support services.

What is a disability?

A disability is a physical, sensory, neurological, intellectual or age-related condition (or a combination of these) that has reduced your ability to be independent and means you require some form of support.

How do I get help from you?

Anyone can refer to FOCUS. You do not have to go through your GP, although that can be helpful as your GP knows a lot about your disability.

Open: Mon - Fri 8.00am - 5.00 pm

Out of hours, please leave a phone message for the next working day, or follow recorded instructions for emergency assistance.

06 946 9813 (24 hrs)
PO Box 96
email: focus@wairarapa.dhb.org.nz

What happens when I contact FOCUS?

Once we have your referral, we will advise you if you are eligible for our service. If you are not eligible, we will suggest where you can get help or advice. We work out how urgent your referral is and let you know when we will come and see you. One of our qualified staff then contacts you to make an appointment to start the support needs assessment.

You are able to chose your support needs assessor. FOCUS is able to offer you a European or Maori assessor.

This assessment may include other health professionals—we will advise you.

You can have a friend or relative with you for support during the assessment if you would find this more comfortable.

What does the support needs assessment involve?

We look at what you can do and what you have difficulty with, including mobility, memory, safety round the home, the support of others and so on. If you have a carer, we also look at your carer's needs.

What happens after the assessment?

Once we have completed the support needs assessment, we use the information to set goals to maximise your independence.

It's part of FOCUS's role to help you to identify as many options to meet your goals as we can. Some of the options may include funded support. We can guide you on the best way to access support services.

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