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We have been working hard to help you prepare for Covid-19 in your home.

Across the Greater Wellington Region we have developed tip sheets, household checklists and key tips for isolating at home. We suggest you fill in the checklist with all your own personal details and spend some time with your family working out what is important for you to plan for, right now. 

You can download these handy tipsheets here:
Click HERE to find out what you should think about NOW to prepare for Covid-19

Most fully vaccinated people with Covid are likely to recover in their own home, or in suitable accommodation found for them.

They will be supported by care providers to ensure all their healthcare and wellbeing needs are met.

Covid-19 Care in the community info sheet

Welfare support for those isolating due to Covid-19

Your readiness checklist

Support if you get Covid-19


Omicron is more transmissible than previous strains of COVID-19 and will harder to control once it starts to spread in the community.

Based on the international experience of Omicron, it could take as little as 14 days for daily cases to go from hundreds to thousands.

Within 24-48 hours of the detection of community transmission of Omicron the whole country will move to Red.

Red does not mean lockdowns or regional boundaries and businesses will remain open. At Red, the number of places that people will be required to wear face-coverings will increase, physical distancing rules will apply in hospitality and gathering sizes will be reduced in order to slow Omicron down.

Ministry of Health Care in the Community Framework HERE