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Wairarapa Hospital is moving to Alert Level Red from (12 midnight) tonight (Monday, 27 June 2022).

The reason for this, is like many other hospitals we are having large numbers of patients requiring admission, as well staff away because they are Covid positive or have influenza.The hospital currently has 14 patients with either Covid or influenza.

Our bed capacity in Wairarapa Hospital is stretched and is averaging over 95 percent adult occupancy.

Visitor changes

Because Wairarapa Hospital has moved to Alert Level Red this means that no visitors will be allowed in the hospital, except in exceptional circumstances and when agreed in advance with the Charge Nurse Manager, Duty Nurse or Senior Medical Clinician.

Kaitiaki / Partners in Care

Kaitiaki / Partners in Care are an exception to the no visitor status. Kaitiaki / Partners in care are agreed between the clinical care team and whānau and support those who are longer term patients, or patients who require hospital services frequently.

They are more involved in the care plan and actively contribute to patient outcomes.There is also an exception for people providing extra support to patients due to a disability e.g. sign language/interpreter or to assist with mobility.

Remember all people entering the hospital will need to wear a mask, and Kaitiaki / Partners in Care are required to be vaccinated. We understand this move to no visitors will be difficult for families and whānau, and we ask for your understanding as the reason for this change is to protect the well-being of your whānau and hospital staff.

If whānau would like to consider other options for connecting (via phone or virtual, e.g. Zoom or Face Time) please speak with the Charge Nurse of the areas your family member is in. Planned care is being reduced.

Planned care (e.g. elective surgery and care that is not in relation to an acute, urgent need) is being deferred, where is it clinically safe to reschedule it to a later date. Some planned care will be delivered virtually where it is appropriate to do so.

This does not apply to people needing acute surgery or cancer treatments, who will receive the urgent treatment they require.

Workforce challenges

Our DHB workforce is experiencing the same challenges due to Covid related absence as the wider Wairarapa community.
This, together with staff vacancies means there are significant staffing shortages across some areas. This may result in a different response than usual, including longer waiting times. We are sorry for this, and ask for your understanding.

To help us reduce pressure and long waiting times in ED, please help us to keep ED for emergency care.

You may be able to get more timely care closer to home from your GP or Healthline, or from the After Hours Service based at Masterton Medical Centre at 4 Colombo Road, Lansdowne, Masterton, on weekends and public holidays.

The After Hours Service provides urgent medical care to ALL Wairarapa and out of town patients. You do not have to be a patient of Masterton Medical Centre to use this service. After hours is open weekends and public holidays, 9am-5pm,

Phone 06 370 0011 or you can access telehealth primary care between 5pm-10pm weekdays and 8am-8pm weekends/public holidays through PracticePlus.