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Published Thursday 23 Dec 2021


For all other care, please go to your usual healthcare providers.


Wairarapa Hospital staff are really hoping they don't see you these holidays because, as great a place as it is, who wants to be in hospital over Christmas?!

If you are ill or injured though - remember where to go.

1. Get early advice and treatment from your chemist or medical practice, or call Healthline on 0800 611 116

2. If its in the weekend, phone Wairarapa After Hours on 06 3700011

3. If you think it may be Covid-19, phone 0800 358 5453 for advice, or call your medical practice to ask about getting a test

4. ONLY if it is an EMERGENCY, come to ED.

Remember - ED is ONLY for emergencies. We love our staff and we like them to get a Xmas break if they can, so our staff numbers are reduced over the holiday period and unless you are urgent you will be waiting a long time to be seen in ED.

Have a great Christmas - stay safe, stay well, and enjoy your summer!