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Published Friday 28 Jan 2022

From the beginning of the vaccination rollout, you told us you wanted flexibility – and rightly so! Bookings don’t work for everyone and people with tight schedules can’t always wait in a walk in queue.


The best way you can ensure getting your vaccination or booster shot goes smoothly, is to have all the right information

Details about where and how you can be vaccinated are HERE on our website. Not all sites are open every day and opening hours change. Some places require bookings, some take walk-ins and some cannot vaccinate the children yet. The best way to know where and when you can get vaccinated is to check the web page which will be kept current.

Some important things to know

  • Some vaccination sites cannot vaccinate children aged 5 – 11 years yet
  • Children aged 5 - 11 years may require booking through BookMyVaccine.nz
  • Some places will only take people that have booked through BookMyVaccine.nz
  • Some places take walk-ins, but if demand is high (and this fluctuates) you may be asked to come back later or on another day, and consider booking
  • Sometimes even if you book, you may have to wait
  • Children aged 5-11 years have a special space at the Departmental Building and their appointment times are longer, so we can take time to explain things and help them feel comfortable
  • Pharmacies and Medical Practices are coming on board to vaccinate, and will be advertised as vaccination sites when they are ready

Wairarapa is doing really well with vaccinations

With 96% of us eligible now having had at least one dose, and 94% fully vaccinated our region has responded very well to the vaccination programme. Even though we have only just started the boosters, already 66% have had one and just two weeks into opening paediatric vaccinations, 19% of our 5 – 11 year olds have been vaccinated.

Great work, Wairarapa!