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Published Friday 28 Jan 2022

Our vaccination crews are good people, doing great work, just for you.

Your courtesy and kindness is appreciated.


When Covid-19 grabbed a foothold and started climbing over the world, no workforce was ready.

We are very grateful for all the retired healthcare workers that pulled on their working hats and came to help make vaccination happen locally, and for all the stars that left their business as usual roles to join the response. 

Our DHB vaccination teams and the primary care testing and vaccinating teams, including Whaiora's Tekau Ma Iwa stars, are all very deserving of our gratitude and praise. Sadly, that's not all they get. 

Our hardworking staff across the Wairarapa region that are keeping us safe are also copping a fair bit of abuse and have had to grow very thick skins. Rudeness, verbal abuse, threats and racism are common experiences for our vaccination teams and it is unacceptable.

It is a shame that we have to employ security staff to keep our teams safe from the community - the same teams that are coming to work every day to keep our community safe.

Be Kind may be a tired and trite mantra these days, but it still rings true. Be kind wherever possible.

It is always possible.