Campaign Statistics | What About You?

The What about you? campaign uses facts and statistics to encourage Wairarapa locals to think about alcohol and drug-related issues. This includes considering what we think is ‘normal’ in terms of drinking and how much (and how often) we drink.

Campaign materials and activities often include the tagline ‘what about you?’ or ‘what would you do?’ to get people thinking and talking about these important issues.

The following statistics have been included in some of the campaign materials.

9 out of 10 New Zealanders (18+) didn’t get drunk in the last month.

Source: Attitudes and behaviours towards drinking survey (ABAS), Health Promotion Agency (2014/15).

7 out of 8 young New Zealanders (15-24 years) don’t binge drink every week.

Source: NZ Health Survey Data, Ministry of Health (2016/17).

Car crashes involving alcohol and/or drugs cause around 2327 injuries and 160 deaths each year.

Source: Ministry of Transport (2019).

Around 2 in 5 offences that involve assault, abduction, robbery, threats or damage to property, and 1 in 3 family violence incidents are known to involve alcohol.

Sources: New Zealand Crime & Safety Survey 2014; New Zealand Crime & Victims Survey 2018.

Around one in six people (aged 16-64 years) say that alcohol had a harmful effect on their friendships, social life, home life or finances in the last year.

Source: NZ Medical Journal (Vol 125; Number 1360): Alcohol related harm to others in New Zealand: evidence of the burden and gaps in knowledge (2012).