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Wairarapa Community Oral Health Service

Good oral health and hygiene is an important part of general health for the whole family.

The Community Oral Health service has a strong emphasis on prevention of tooth decay and providing parents with advice to support their children's good oral health, at the time of their child's appointment.

The service offers FREE basic dental care, to children who meet the eligibility criteria for publicly funded health and disability services, from birth until they begin high school.


Babies till year 8

Children are enrolled for free dental visits from birth.

All babies will be offered their first appointment before they have any teeth in their mouth.This is done to ensure that when the teeth arrive everyone in the family/whanau knows how to help look after them.

It is important to look after baby teeth as decay can affect a child’s eating, their speech and development, and may even affect their adult teeth as well.

Free basic care is available at all of our locations both the mobile dental clinics and the community dental clinic.

Basic dental care includes:

  • A check up.
  • Oral health advice and encouragement for good oral health.
  • Examination and dental X-rays, if necessary.
  • Preventative treatment, such as topical fluoride and fissure sealants (coatings).
  • Restorations (fillings, crowns) and extractions
  • Children requiring treatment that cannot be provided by the Community Oral Health Service are referred to a private dentist.
  • Orthodontic treatment (straightening of teeth using braces) is not funded or provided by the DHB.

The Wairarapa Oral Health service see’s the children in our region either on the Mobile Dental Units visiting their schools or by visits to our Community Dental Clinic.


Community Dental Clinic

We have a Community Dental Clinic based next to Masterton Intermediate School, Intermediate Street.

Opening Hours 8.30am - 4.15pm (during school term time)

Contact the clinic to make an appointment
Phone (06) 377 9071
Text Message (027) 266 9275
Email: oralhealth@wairarapa.dhb.org.nz


Mobile Units

Two 2-chair mobile units are towed to sites all over the Wairarapa, bringing on-site screening, examination and treatment. Each is staffed by two therapists and an assistant . The units have been designed for the comfort of both children and the staff.

  • TV in waiting room; piped music; children can have stories playing through CD system.

  • All equipment designed with the comfort and safety of children in mind.

  • Each clinic thermostatically designed for the comfort of children and staff.

  • Features latest developments in cross infection control.


  • Mobile 1 Dental Clinic (North Wairarapa): 027 264 4319
  • Mobile 2 Dental Clinic (South Wairarapa): 027 264 4320

How to enrol a child for dental treatment

For more information about the Community Oral Health Service available for children and how to enrol your child in the services, phone: (06) 377 9071 or text 027 264 4322 or alternatively you could email us at oralhealth@wairarapa.dhb.org.nz

The dental staff will contact you by phone or send an appointment card in the mail. If the time does not suit please contact the clinic to change the appointment.


FREE Dental Care for rangatahi/youth in the Wairarapa

All rangatahi/youth are entitled to free routine dental care from Year 9 through till their 18th birthday whether they are at school, on a training course, working or unemployed.

Students are usually enrolled through Year 8, or if having moved into the area can enrol directly with one of these dentists. There is more information about enrolment beneath the poster.


How does it usually work? Learn more about Year 8 enrolment. 

At the completion of Year 8, all children are transferred from the Community Dental Clinic to the community-based dental practice of the family’s choice.

Most dental practices throughout the Wairarapa provide free dental care under the adolescent dental programme so you can choose a dentist that best meets your needs. A form will be sent home with your child for you to fill in, so you can let us know where you would like them to attend. Once they have reached college age, if you have any queries about your adolescents teeth, ring your dentist. If you can't remember where your adolescent is enrolled, you can contact the adolescent coordinator or ring any of the listed dentists throughout the Wairarapa to re-enrol or book an appointment for your teenager. 


Have you moved into the Wairarapa during Years 9 – 13?

Please get in touch with Rachel, the adolescent coordinator and she will help to get your college-age student(s) enrolled. Her details are below.


These Dental Clinics are contracted to provide this service across the Wairarapa:

Kevin Wong Dental Surgery
17 Renall St
06 378 2777
Grace Dental Centre
43 Chapel St
06 378 2281
Lumino the Dentists
119 Chapel St
06 377 4989


True Dentistry
1a Seddon St
06 379 8799
Park Rd Dental
30 Park Rd
06 304 8906

South Wairarapa

Greytown Dental
Level 1, The Hub
78 Main St
06 304 8906
Martinborough Dental
18 Kitchener St
06 306 6024

Download the poster here

This poster can be displayed by health clinics, schools and other community agencies on noticeboards and/or waiting room TV screens.



Get in touch, we are happy to help you!

If you are having any difficulties, please feel free to phone us at the Community Dental Clinic on 06 377 9071.