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At Wairarapa Hospital, a disability alert is an icon shown within patient admin systems to let our staff know you have specific support needs.

To create an alert, you need to fill in a Disability Support Solutions (DSS) Form. Download a copy of the DSS form here.

Our disability responsiveness team manages the upload of the DSS form – for instance, if the form has not been filled in correctly, we’ll contact you and help you to fill in the correct details.


A disability alert provides information for health care professionals to meet your support needs. It is different to other alerts on the medical system as it tends not to include clinical information. The alert can provide valuable notes to ensure that the hospital environment is made as accessible as possible.

Small changes to the environment can completely change a person’s experience. The alert can also make it easier for staff to prepare in advance.

All our staff are responsible for ensuring that your support needs are met during your visit to the hospital - disability alerts help us to do this.

Example of a support need

Jane recently suffered a stroke

Since her stroke, Jane has specific support needs to ensure she is able to communicate and move around. For example her disability alert may read:

  • Jane has limited movement after her stroke – she will need a wheelchair to get around but may be able to walk around the ward herself. Please ask first.
  • Jane suffers from short term memory loss. Please clearly write down her medication and any other information in her Health Passport and speak with her husband.
  • Jane finds it difficult to use her right hand. She is therefore unable to write and will need help chopping her food at meal times.