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Established in 2017, the Wairarapa District Health Board Consumer Council works in partnership with the DHB as an advisory body, enabling those who use health services to offer their collective perspective into health services planning, delivery and evaluation at all levels of the organisation. The Council provides a strong and viable voice for the community and consumers of health services, with the aim of enhancing the Wairarapa community's experience of health services and service integration, promoting equitable outcomes and ensuring services are organised around the needs of people.

The Council identifies and advises on issues requiring consumer and community participation; participates, reviews and advises on reports, developments and initiatives relating to health service delivery and the availability and/or distribution of health-related information; and ensures regular communication and networking takes place with the community and relevant consumer groups.

It also links with special interest groups as required for specific issues and problem solving.







Mena Antonio

Chair, Wairarapa Health Consumer Council

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The Consumer Council is designed to enhance consumer experience and service integration across the health sector, promote equity and ensure that services are organised around the needs of people.The Council will provide a strong consumer voice and advise the DHB and PHO board and management.