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  • Welcome to our 2017 mid-year NetP cohort

    Published Tuesday 18 Jul 2017

    Welcome to the 5 new graduates who have started the 2017 mid-year NETP programme. Left to Right- Coral Trower, Emma Walthert, Shelley Robertson, Emma Dawes, Jacinda Tamatea.

  • Bowel screening programme launched in Wairarapa

    Published Monday 17 Jul 2017

    Today marks the start of bowel screening in Wairarapa, where more than 8,700 residents will be invited to participate in the programme over the next two years.

  • Managing weight loss was easier than expected for Mary

    Published Wednesday 12 Jul 2017

    Wairarapa DHB's Mary McQuinn is a shadow of her former self and loving it.

  • Don't make it a fullstop

    Published Wednesday 12 Jul 2017

    There are days when it still doesn’t seem real. That someone so vibrant can suddenly just not be. Not be loud. Not be quiet. Not be funny, or argumentative or stubborn. Just not be anything. Not be here. Suicide is an ugly full stop bang smack in the middle of an unfinished sentence.

  • Looking for a bargain home? DIY dream for sale in Tinui

    Published Wednesday 12 Jul 2017

    ​Wairarapa DHB is selling a house in Tinui, which is now on the market as it is surplus to requirements.

  • Hospital operating at full capacity

    Published Wednesday 12 Jul 2017

    The hospital is under pressure from the usual winter illnesses, and people who are unwell or have minor injuries are being encouraged to seek medical help from their GP.

  • Too many, Wairarapa

    Published Thursday 15 Jun 2017

    With Wairarapa now sitting at the top of the country’s suicide statistics per capita, Wairarapa DHB is taking a bold approach and making a local effort to address suicide awareness.

  • Elder abuse hits close to home

    Published Thursday 15 Jun 2017

    Elder Abuse and Neglect is a single or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust, which causes harm or distress to an older person.

  • Bowel screening to roll out in July

    Published Monday 12 Jun 2017

    A seminar at Masterton Club, hosted by Cancer Society Wairarapa, introduced the roll out of the bowel screening programme set for next month in Wairarapa. Pictured: Bob Francis, Adri Isbister (CE, WrDHB), Stephanie Chapman (Programme Director, MoH), Paul Manuel (Consultant Surgeon, Endoscopy), Annie Lincoln (GP Liaison) and Project Lead, Fiona Cundy (WrDHB).

  • Today is World Smokefree Day!

    Published Wednesday 31 May 2017

    A hospital’s role is to treat illness and injury, to promote health and to keep people well. Walking through a wall of cigarette smoke to get there is not part of that wellness story. This year, Wairarapa DHB is taking a stern approach to its smokefree status and has initiated a fresh campaign to encourage awareness and compliance of staff, patients and visitors.