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Volunteers play an important role in our hospitals by contributing to the wellbeing of patients, their families and visitors. They complement the care and service provided by the professional staff by assisting with various non-clinical tasks.


Volunteer Lena Simmonds, about to begin her Meals-on-Wheels work, making sure vital sustenance is delivered to people who depend on us.

Volunteering is an opportunity to support your community hospital by sharing your skills and experience. It offers people the chance to grow, learn, make new friends, exchange ideas and feel valued.

Wairarapa Hospital employs a Volunteer Coordinator to oversee the development of volunteer services in the hospital and to ensure that your experience as a volunteer is enjoyable and rewarding.

Those who interact directly with patients will also need to be health screened. This is free and is for your own protection as well as the patients.

Wairarapa Hospital volunteers are required to be a member of New Zealand Red Cross and to have a police record check.

Are you:

  • Outgoing and friendly
  • Responsible and dependable
  • Culturally sensitive
  • Willing to accept DHB policies and procedures, and have
  • A positive attitude to patients, visitors and staff, and
  • A health status appropriate to the position

Do you want:

  • To give something back to the hospital/community
  • To meet new people
  • Training and ongoing support
  • Uniform and identification badge
  • The same safe and healthy working conditions as paid staff

What do our current volunteers do?

  • Our Meet & Greet volunteers provide a warm and friendly welcome to visitors. They might help with wayfinding, locating wheelchairs, delivering flowers or offering general assistance such as calling a taxi
  • Meals on Wheels volunteers head out in all kinds of weather to make sure vital sustance is delivered to people who depend on us.
  • The Flower Ladies create beautiful floral arrangements and tend to patients' flowers. They work between the months of September-May.
  • Interdenominational Chaplaincy service provides support for patients and their families from volunteer chaplains
  • Mobile shop volunteers man the mobile shop
  • Knitters and Crafters often donate goods such as knitted hats and blankets for our maternity wards. We are supported by several local knitting groups in the Wairarapa.

Plus much more! New volunteers bring new skills and experience to the table. If you see something missing from this list, contact  communications@wairarapa.dhb.org.nz to get their efforts recognised on this page.

Becoming a Hospital Volunteer

If you have skills to offer or spare time to contribute, contact us to see if volunteering is for you.

We are open to all kinds of contributions. We may not be able to accommodate everyone but you are welcome to make enquiries.

Contact the Wairarapa Hospital Volunteer Coordinator on (06) 946 9800 x 4751
Wairarapa Hospital
PO Box 96