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Published Friday 11 Jan 2019

Wairarapa DHB is preparing hospital services for a two-day strike involving a full withdrawal of labour of junior doctors for 48 hours, beginning at 0700hrs on Tuesday 15 January 2019 and ending at 0700 on Thursday 17 January.
Our primary consideration is patient safety, and we are ensuring that all essential and emergency services will not be affected by the strike.

Wairarapa DHB has established the staffing and patient needs for the 48 hour period of the strike. Some medical clinics and elective surgical procedures have been postponed from this Friday through until the conclusion of the strike period to ensure the number of patients we have in the hospital when the strike begins is as low as possible. Patients that were scheduled for procedures during the postponement period have already been advised, however anyone that is concerned and wishes to check their booking is welcome to do so by calling Wairarapa Hospital on 06 946 9800.

It is important that anyone who needs treatment during the strike receives it, and people should not delay seeking medical advice if it is urgently required. The emergency department will be fully operational throughout the strike period.

Wairarapa people are asked to be aware of the pressure on the hospital during the course of the strike and the days leading up to it, and advised to go to their family doctor or health professional first wherever possible to keep the emergency department free for critical illness and injury emergencies.
However, people with urgent care needs should not hesitate to come to ED. Anyone unsure about whether they need emergency care can phone their medical centre or call Healthline on 0800 611 116.

Every effort is being made to minimize the inconvenience for our patients and the DHB apologises to anyone that is affected by this strike action. The junior doctors are a highly valued part of the Wairarapa Hospital team, and we continue to look forward to an agreement being reached.

Wairarapa DHB wishes to thank the small and dedicated team that has worked on contingency planning for the strike throughout their Christmas holiday period.