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Published Thursday 27 Jun 2019

An engineer’s report received by Wairarapa District Health Board indicates the newly strengthened services and mechanical plant in the ceilings of Wairarapa Hospital has achieved a 100% seismic rating.

This good news for the DHB.

Management first revealed its concerns with the hospital’s services and mechanical plant in July last year, after a draft assessment of the in-ceiling spaces had indicated some of the heavier items were insufficiently restrained. The DHB immediately started work to strengthen areas assessed as posing the highest risk.

The strengthening work was designed by LGE Engineering and undertaken by Holmes Construction.

This work has now passed scrutiny by consulting civil and structural engineers, Clendon Burns Park Ltd, in a finalised report which confirms the improved restraints of the mechanical plant and services in the hospital ceiling have achieved a 100% (IL4) seismic Grade A (low risk) rating.

“I would like to commend our Project Team and all contracted parties involved for the fast and effective management of the hospital’s seismic work,” said Craig Climo, Interim Chief Executive.

“The successful remediation of the plant and services in the ceilings seems to have gone extremely well, with little or no disruption to staff and service.”

The focus is now on working through options and tendering for workto strengthen the canopy roof at the main entrance, which we know does not meet structural requirements for an IL4 building.”

The structural report Detailed Seismic Assessment - Building Services Wairarapa Hospital is published on the DHB website.

Click HERE for the full report